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LLMs are great. They take away the grunt work so humans can move up the creative ladder.

At Koodup, we believe that AI and LLMs go far beyond the primitive text or chat based capabilities. When well designed software meets LLMs, magic unfolds. We are building with this vision. SocratiQ is a platform for schools, teachers and students to harness the magic of AI without compromising the magic in human connection.


Today we are launching SocratiQ Organizations. This feature offers a painfree experience of managing your students and classrooms. Get your seatbelts fastened, this is going to be a wild ride.

Get Organized

Classroom on a Canvas

We strongly believe and encourage collaborative learning in SocratiQ. More group work, more discussions, more connections. Organizations are at the center of the learning experience in SocratiQ. This is true no matter what your organization is: classrooms, studygroups or teams.

Organization Home

With this launch, teachers and students no longer have to worry about credits. If you are an institution, you can get a sweet deal on Group Pricing. your teachers and students can use the shared account.

First class citizens

Organizations are not just credit-sharing devices. They are first class citizens in SocratiQ. Organizations have their own profile. They will grow in features and capabilities over time. We are just getting started.

Organization Profile

Trouble-free Management

Managing members of your organization, their roles and permissions is a breeze. Simple, intuitive and direct.



Add comma separated emails and SocratiQ will automatically generate usernames, display names and passwords. You can edit them as you please and hit a button to get them all into your Organization.


Purchase for your entire organization

Running out of credits? Need a top up? No meetings, demos or sales calls. Simply buy what you need and your classroom can use the credits. But, we love talking to teachers and schools, so don’t be shy to reach out for Group Pricing or custom plans.


We haven’t forgotten the teachers

All these are setting up the stage for smooth, joyous and nourishing teaching and learning experiences. SocratiQ’s bread and butter are teachers and students. So, no, we are not forgetting teachers.

As we build features and capabilities at a break-neck pace, we also realize that it is a lot to take in. We will be adding walkthroughs like the one above to help you get the best out of SocratiQ. Our help library is also growing rapidly.

Teaching Explorations

Our small but substantial Quality of Life improvement department brings to you something small but substantial :) We now highlight your teaching explorations. If you started an exploration as a teacher (I want to Teach), they will be highlighted in blue.


What’s a canvas without color

We now have multi-colored notes. You can now color code your thoughts, ideas and material. “Green notes are for resources. Blue for coursework”


Fun Tweaks to Questions

If you haven’t played around with SocratiQ or if you haven’t done it in a while, we strongly enocourage you to try now. We have fun-duh-mental-ly changed the way questions work. Let us know what you think.

A lot more is coming your way

The features we introduce today are the building blocks for a lot more to come. Organizations and teacher experiences will evolve substantially over the next few months to redefine classrooms and homework.

We will be onboarding our first classroom shortly and we are super excited about it. If you are a teacher or a school, we would love to talk to you about pilot programs. Talk to us: [email protected].

Don’t forget

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