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We kick-started our community outreach, user testing and feedback cycle for SocratiQ this month. We have our first, fantastic, learning cohort in full-bloom, learning everything from electro-magnetism to history of Japan to philosophy to surfactants to conservation ecology.

A group of learners from corners of India, varied age-groups, affiliated to different institutions, learning independently, sometimes collaboratively, topics that are part of their studies, sometimes just their interest, all receiving instant feedback, bite-sized lessons is simply magical.

We are immensely grateful for the advancements in AI technologies spearheaded by OpenAI for making this possible. As we fine-tune our product, gather evidence and streamline the experience we realize that we are laying the foundations for an incredible, equitable future for learning.

Our second learning cohort will kick-off soon. We will share more updates as our cohorts progress in their learning adventures. Some of them will also share their experience as the first-generation of empowered, independent learners.

We are aiming to bring this magical learning experience to every corner of the world and completely democratize access to knowledge, feedback, high-quality facilitation and an inspired learning community.

Here’s to a bright future. One where learning is joyous, opportunity is a commodity, effort gets rewarded and equity is taken for granted.

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