socratiq SocratiQ Purview - Every teacher's command center Version v0.6.0 release

We are super stoked to announce the release of SocratiQ 0.6.0 and more importantly, the introduction of SocratiQ Purview. We believe that teachers throughout the world are underappreciated, technologically under-served, and as a result, overworked.

SocratiQ Purview is our earnest attempt to correct this situation and serve the teachers for who they are: executives of education, architects of learning and designers of the future. In doing that, we have also exponentially improved our learning system to be a lot more powerful and aligned with student needs.

Telescopic view of your entire classroom

SocratiQ’s teacher exploration is already a sophisticated way to collaboratively design a curriculum, add intentions that become the cornerstones of AI facilitation and assign them to individual students or groups - making it an active curriculum.

With SocratiQ Purview, we have elevated the teacher’s exploration from a canvas to create an active curriculum to an executive command center to understand where your entire classroom as well as each individual student is in their learning journey.

Want to know how your class is doing? All you have to do is a glance at the topics. Every active topic has mastery indicator for the entire classroom.


Track progress of your entire classroom or an individual student

Want to know how your classroom is improving? Track their progress? Drill down, view their progress as a daily chart. One view to show how their mastery has progressed, how much effort have they put in. Per topic or overall. At the tap of a button.


You can select a single student to view their progress. Change the dates to narrow your focus. Switch topics, see overall progress.

We aren’t kidding, this is your command center

Assignment Menu

The redesigned assignment menu presents two extra options. One to view the progress that we just saw above and the other to have a look at individual students.

A Quick Glance Dashboard

The gift that keeps giving

We don’t stop there, you can review the daily overall reports for each student. The reports give you detailed analysis gleaned from student responses, the deduced strengths & weaknesses and how you can help them improve.

Daily Report

You can page through the reports by date to see how the student has progressed. You can go deeper by selecting a specific topic to view the topic mastery report. The topic mastery provides a summary of how the student is doing on that topic and opportunities for intervention or guidance.


The topic mastery report has stars for mastery and emojis for emotional well being. A quick glance reveals how the student is doing and how they are feeling.


You can select the wellness tab to get a detailed report of how the student is feeling about the topic, if there was any observed shift in how they feel. This gives incredible insight into the student’s emotional well being and opens up opportunities for timely intervention when needed. Isn’t that amazing?

Not just for teachers

We’ll be adding an export option soon so that these wonderful reports can be shared with parents when needed.

We’d like you to indulge in a thought experiment on how all these reports impact the quality of SocratiQ’s feedback and followup. We are happy to state that we are observing a huge uptick in the quality, accuracy and contextual relevance of feedback and followup. We’ll continue to observe, monitor and optimize the quality with every chance we get.

Other changes

We listen to our treasured teachers and students to continuously improve the product alongside the major feature releases. This release is no different.

Setup from scratch

Are you a teacher that has a clear structure in mind and don’t want AI help in setting up your curriculum? We’ve got you covered.

Teaching from scratch

Generate Inquiries for any topic

You can now generate fresh inquiries for any topic. This is one of the most requested features in SocratiQ and we are glad to get it done.

Per-topic inquiries

Character and word count for notes and responses

All you teachers assigning essays, we’ve got you covered. Notes and responses have word and character indicators at the bottom. We are not enforcing limits yet, but we are waiting for some strong requests before we add a way to enforce limits.

Word and Character Count

A lot more is coming your way


We are delighted to state that SocratiQ 0.6 is the most advanced learning system yet. We are extremely grateful to the Open AI team, the myriad of AI researchers that have provided us with this incredible opportunity to bring our ideas to life.

We are looking forward to taking this further and deeper and help every student reach mastery in topics of interest and every teacher in the world cherish the satisfaction of being executives of education.

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