socratiq Better Profiles & Control Version v0.5.2 release

SocratiQ 0.5.2 is an interim release with quality of life improvements for assignment workflows and a better looking learner’s profile.

A Learner’s Profile you can show off

SocratiQ Learner Profiles are an understated but key feature. They are a learner’s expression of their learning journey, their work ethic, their accomplishments and their willingness and desire to share their efforts with the world. They help learners belong in a platform that may very well be their permanent digital notebook and learning companion.

An About page to express yourself

Can your about page look great, be expressive and at the same time be professional?

Can it be something you can share freely with your prospective employers, your teachers and potential collaborators?

We have redesigned the About page to meet these goals. Check one out or better yet, create yours now: SocratiQ Login.

About Page

Spiffy Showcase

Great looking preview cards. Markdown formatting. Best place to share your creative work. Bring your portfolio, have it coexist with your learning journey and your accomplishments. Share it with the world to demonstrate your effort and outcomes.

About Page

Draft Indicators

SocratiQ Notes now have draft indicators in all views.


Assignment Update Indicators

One glance to know if you need to publish your updates to students.


You can now publish to an Organization as “public” gallery item without worrying about losing credits for your work. The SocratiQ Gallery now includes Organization icon linked to the organization home page to indicate the source of the gallery item.

SocratiQ has multiple ways to collaborate.

  1. Direct: Use Join Codes / Invitations to work with your peers.
  2. Forkable: Publish to the gallery privately or publicly and people can “fork” your exploration and continue.
  3. Assignments: Teachers can create assignments for groups or individuals.

To reduce confusion and to make it easier to find and manage work, we have now added assignment status to the gallery view.

Gallery Assignment

A lot more is coming your way


v0.5 graduates SocratiQ from a tool to a platform and a comprehensive solution for schools. With the foundational workflow in place, our focus now turns towards improving the quality of teaching, learning, feedback and assessments. Our upcoming features will bring our innovations in intentional learning, active and incremental personalization to unprecedented new heights.

With SocratiQ v0.5 we are also exiting our pilot phase and moving into full-fledged implementations. If you are a teacher or a school, we would love to talk to you about our budget friendly pricing and implementations as collaborative partnerships.

Talk to us: Email or schedule a demo.

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