socratiq Seamless Assignments Version v0.5.1 release

We are launching SocratiQ v0.5.1 today with major improvements to assignments and explorations. This is an interim release to make the workflow more intuitive and seamless.

Exploration Listing

SocratiQ explorations now start with “All explorations” by default. We have added multiple filter options to find your explorations quickly.

Want to see your teaching explorations? Unselect “learn” and “note” and select “teach”. Want to see only the ones you have created? Unselect “shared”. We’ve added language filter and search to narrow down even further.

Exploration Listing

Assignment Listing

With growing adoption, finding and reviewing assignments became harder. This interim release is laser focused on removing that pain point and making the SocratiQ assignment workflow the best in class solution.

We have now added a row-wise listing of assignments alongside the cards view.

Assignments and Tasks

When you have a class of 60 students, reviewing assignments can be a daunting task. Bubbling up the assignments that need attention makes things a lot easier for the teachers. To address this, we have now split the assignment view in to assignment overview and the individual tasks. The overview has statuses and counts to help teachers keep track of the assignments at a glance and redirect their attention to the ones that need the most.


Filters Galore

You can now filter assignments by the teacher that created them.

Teacher Menu

This filter is available for both students and teachers.

Student Listing

You can now navigate to the user, exploration or team by clicking on them in the listing. That’s not all, the urls for each of the listings are now shareable. You can simply copy the url from the address bar and share it with your fellow teachers.

A lot more is coming your way


SocratiQ v0.5 graduates SocratiQ from a tool to a platform and a comprehensive solution for schools. With the foundational workflow in place, our focus now turns towards improving the quality of teaching, learning, feedback and assessments. Our upcoming features will bring our innovations in intentional learning, active and incremental personalization to unprecedented new heights.

With SocratiQ v0.5 we are also exiting our pilot phase and moving into full-fledged implementations. If you are a teacher or a school, we would love to talk to you about our budget friendly pricing and implementations as collaborative partnerships.

Talk to us: Email or schedule a demo.

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