socratiq A living curriculum on an interactive canvas Version v0.4.2 release

SocratiQ v0.4.2 is an important interim release with significant quality of life improvements around Curriculum Planning, Project Management and general user experience.

The hardest thing about education is the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the learning process. A large portion of the curriculum planning effort ultimately ends up collecting dust on digital shelves. SocratiQ changes that by making your curriculum design efforts translate to interactive, personalized learning systems.

With SocratiQ, we are trying to make sure that your curriculum is integrated with class and home work. SocratiQ allows you to plan your curriculum as a canvas that your students will be part of, with well defined and observable learning outcomes. What you plan gets into the hands of your students at the press of a button.

When it gets into the hands of your students, it becomes theirs, taking the shape of their learning journey. You can observe and guide them through their journey. This makes the curriculum you planned not just active, but a living system, evolving together with the student under your necessary and comforting guidance.

Topic Organization

SocratiQ teacher mode allows teachers to create, edit and delete topics and sub topics. SocratiQ v0.4.2 adds the ability to move topics and sub topics as well as reorder them.

Kanban Boards

Learning and teaching also involve keeping track of tasks and projects. SocratiQ v0.4.2 allows notes to be moved across the canvas and reordered. This makes it possible for the SocratiQ canvas to be used as a kanban board when necessary.

Note Permissions

SocratiQ v0.4.2 adds editing permissions to notes. All notes are now editable by collaborators in the same workspace. Teachers can also make notes editable by students by unlocking the notes.

This allows for teachers to create task lists and check lists for students to take to completion.

Note Locking

Bug Fixes and UX improvements

SocratiQ v0.4.2 includes a number of bug fixes and UX improvements. Here are a couple of them:

SocratiQ action bar now has a distinct icon for the teacher menu. This release also adds more prominent tooltips for all the buttons.

Teacher menu

A lot more is coming your way


We have made this interim release a priority to ensure that teachers getting started with 2024 can create detailed curriclum, plans, and student task lists on the SocratiQ canvas with ease. Further releases will take these features to greater heights.

We have successfully completed our first pilot and progressing towards a full-fledged implementation to transform the school into a SocratiQ augmented institution. We are preparing for the intake of the next batch of schools into the pilot program. If you are a teacher or a school, we would love to talk to you about pilot programs. Talk to us: [email protected] or schedule a demo:

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