socratiq SocratiQ - In your language Version v0.3.4 release

Earlier this month, we launched our first major update to SocratiQ that upgraded it from being a learning app to a learning platform. We are now launching an experimental feature to make it accessible to everyone in their preferred language. That’s not all, it also comes with a lot of bells and whistles, thanks to great suggestions from our first learners.

Matrix Theme

We have a new theme (dark and light) inspired by The Matrix (Thanks Lackesh!).


Intuitive Insights

We launched the first version of our learning insights 2 weeks back. Our current insights are fine-tuned, lot more accurate and a lot more appealing (Thanks Raza and Anishkaa!).

Colorful Insights

Offline & Online Workspaces

One of the major goals of SocratiQ is to provide unfettered access to learning resources and experiences. So, naturally, we want to make sure you can access your learning material offline. We launched without remote workspaces deliberately, to ensure that everything worked with offline-only workspaces.

After a whole lot of testing and making sure that everything works as expected, we are now launching remote workspaces. You can list, search, download and archive remote workspaces. You can delete your local workspaces and stay assured that you can always download them again. You can archive your remote workspaces and know that:

This allows for some interesting workflows to emerge. You can have multiple browsers each focused on a certain subject and track your insights just on that subject. We have made the default insights you see on the home page local for this purpose. If you want to see your overall insights you can. (We’ll talk about this below after the reveal :) ).


Many thanks to our learners for incredible feedback. (Thanks Aadhya and Eisha!).


SocratiQ explorations tend to get huge. It is a lot of fun to explore a new topic and when you explore with others, it becomes much more so. But as the exploration gets bigger, it can get overwhelming to find the what you are looking for. While the search feature is handy, it is inconvenient to search for things when you know what you are looking for.

Bookmarks (Thanks Rithika!) help a lot here. It is a simple interface right now, but will expand into something much nicer as we keep iterating.


We introduced learning galleries in our last release. The learning gallery and the explorations have their own linkable/shareable URL.

Exploration gallery also allows you to filter the published explorations with multiple choices. Try them out, they are all super fun :)

Gallery Filters

Learner Profiles

Along with Gallery Links, we are introducing learner profiles.

As a young learner, it is easy to get lost in the trees and miss the forest. We want to make sure learning is oriented towards a higher purpose, larger set of goals, or a unified vision towards life.

SocratiQ learning profiles are a way for learners to do just that. Express the best aspect of themselves to their world. The profile asks a variety of questions that nudge you to think more about yourself. We see the learner profile as something you create, tweak and tune over the course of your life. A living journal of who and where you are.

Please try it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Learner profiles also show your published explorations and learning insights across all explorations. Imagine applying for a job or sending your SOP to a professor. Wouldn’t it be cool to send a link that has everything they need to know about you as a learner.

Learner Profile

And now for the main reveal…

SocratiQ now offers experimental support for 12 language variants.

Language Support

Once we gather sufficient feedback, we will be adding more languages. Note that SocratiQ user interface is still English only.

Here is our first featured exploration, Newton’s Laws of Motion in Spanish (MX).

One more thing

We just launched our newsletter. We are planning to push out a lot of fun content related to education, technology and philosophy. Subscribe and spread the word.

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