Story Seed

your stories beckon life

A self-driven, AI facilitated, immersive learning experience for storytelling.
For pre-teens, teens and lifelong learners.

We live in an age where computers can make up a pretty good story in seconds.

But some things matter more now than ever.

Authenticity of human emotion. Capturing essential human experience in a creative capsule. Carefully delivering it with deliberate slowness into the emotional and intellectual bloodstream of an audience. Powerful words and unbridled imagination as vehicles of expression.

In a world soon to be saturated by good-enough, the truly exceptional will stand out.

Take the Story Seed journey to understand what makes some stories good and others great.

AI will be your interesting, inspiring but fallible companion and facilitator. Movies, books and TV shows that you love will show up as signposts and sceneries.

At the end of each section of your journey, you will be given 3 prompts to choose from and you start writing.


The stories you write are your reward.

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