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I'm a Teacher

How can I use SocratiQ to help my students achieve mastery?

Here is one scenario, let’s say you are teaching your students algebra.

  • Proceed with you class as usual.
  • At the end of the class, instead of regular homework, divide the class into small groups of 4 - 6 students who work well together.
  • Create an exploration for each group typing in “Algebra 101” in the SocratiQ prompt.
  • Invite your students to their respective explorations
  • Review how the students respond to the questions posed by SocratiQ.
  • Review how they are processing the feedback from SocratiQ.
  • Pick the topics / inquiries from the exploration for detailed discussion in the next class.

Here are a few more choices:

  • Ask different groups to explore different topics in the subject area and have them make presentations
  • Have the groups switch their explorations so that they can see how the other groups handled their exploration

We have a ton of features coming your way

Managing a class is hard. Managing multiple classes is harder. We are adding tools for you to keep track of everything you need to right inside SocratiQ. Stay tuned!

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