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How will SocratiQ help my child learn better?

SocratiQ is an exploratory learning system modeled on inquiry-based learning.

  • Better understanding: By thinking through the problem before they get feedback or instruction, they assimilate their learning better.
  • Iterative learning: When they provide a response, not only do they get feedback but more questions that further test their knowledge. This ensures that your child’s learning is not limited to surface level knowledge.
  • Almost instant feedback: Learning is enriched when your child is able to test their understanding with fast and interactive feedback mechanism.
  • Learn with peers: You can invite a trusted group to learn with your child. They get to see everyone’s responses and feedback they receive, providing your child with multiple perspectives on the question.
  • Continue anytime: Explorations live on the browser and on our servers. They can access them even if there is no internet. They can access them from a different computer whenever they want. Their learning is truly self-paced and self-driven.
Know moreWe acquire knowledge from a variety of experiences. We are also capable of matching patterns and applying our knowledge cross-functionally in surprising ways. Inquiry-based learning approaches use this aspect of knowledge application to help you learn based on your previously acquired knowledge and / or intuition.

In comparison, when you use instructions as your primary learning method, you lose the opportunity to think about these questions. When the very same questions are posed after you have received an instruction, you simply retrieve what’s in memory rather than what you have assimilated.

To think in simple terms, a lot of the information present in textbooks are discovered by someone. Inquiry based learning systems allow you to share a piece of that joy of discovery.

However, in inquiry-based learning systems, availability of instant feedback and follow up is critical. Advances in AI technology has given us the opportunity to deploy this system of learning to larger audiences as feedback and follow up have become trivial.

How will this benefit my child?

Having SocratiQ as your child’s learning companion allows:

  • Your child’s learning to be self-directed
  • Bite-sized lessons rich with metaphors that can be generated for each question makes even complex topics approachable.
  • The humor laced feedback will make the experience much more enjoyable than studying from a text book.
  • If you can manage to get a group of children to learn together, you can increase the group’s progress several times over.

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