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Together with your friends.

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Take control of your learning. Take control of your life.

SocratiQ is a brand new way to learn.
Anything. At your own pace.

  1. Enter any topic you want to learn
  2. SocratiQ will create a unique learning experience designed for you
  3. Answer the inquiries at your own pace.
  4. SocratiQ will provide well analyzed feedback laced with humor.
  5. + more inquiries based on your response that go deeper or broader
  6. Feel stuck? No worries. You can generate a lesson to give you a leg up.
  7. Like learning with friends? Invite them and learn together.
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Is SocratiQ for me?


I'm a student

This is exactly what you've been looking for. Learn what you want, when you want, how you want, with whoever you want.


I'm a parent

Yes! Get your children and their friends on a safe environment. Let them learn from each other, with each other, at their own time and pace.

lifelong learner

I'm a life-long learner

Totally! You now have something to satisfy your thirst for knowledge without feeling bored. Like learning alone? We got you. Have friends that share your interest? We got you too.


I'm a teacher

Of-course! Get your students exploring. Discuss their responses in-class or on-zoom. Have them present their learnings. Hold-on tight, we've got a truck-load of features specially designed for your use coming soon.

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Learn Anything. Really.

Academic studies? Hobbies? Professional skills? Obscure Interests?
There are no limits to what you can learn.

You are empowered.

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  • Inquire Think, apply, take your own path. Choose the inquiries that interest you.
  • Assess Validate your understanding with almost immediate feedback.
  • Learn Need context? Heavily personalized instructions are minutes away.

You are in control.

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Learn with Friends. Have Fun.

How do you learn together with your friends and SocratiQ?

You start an exploration and invite your friend.
SocratiQ asks a Q
You respond
Your friend responds
SocratiQ provides feedback to your response
SocratiQ provides feedback to your friend's response
You read your friend's response and feedback
Your friend reads your response and feedback
SocratiQ provides questions based on your friend's response
You answer your friend's questions
SocratiQ provides questions based on your response
Your friend answers your questions

You are learning better. Together.

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